Elvira Leininger

...was born in 1998 and is currently living in Berlin. Between the ages of two and five she lived in California, where she attended kindergarten and preschool. Because of this she speaks English fluently. Already at a very early age, she was interested in acting, organizing theatrical performances for her parents and friends.
At school she played leading parts in four theatre plays. She also took part in several theatre plays whilst on holiday, including with Theater im Urlaub, where she met Katharina Ingwersen.
Before "Marichen" Elvira was cast in two other films:

3min, Germany, 2010, Super8/DiGiBeta
Director and Cinematographor: Ute Brönner
Music: Thomas Leboeg
with Elvira Leininger
A short film about the beauty of the moment

Director: Dana Nowak
Germany, 2009, 15min09


© Katharina Ingwersen       | Running time: 8 min. | Language: German | Subtitles: English | Sound: 2.0 Surround | Format: 16:9